Overhead and Material Cost Management

In times of ever fiercer competition and distributed markets, decision makers increasingly focus on overheads and material costs. Material and operational costs are becoming a truly competitive factor.

A common way of approaching this topic is to compare operations and key figures.
This procedure is fundamental for in-depth analyses, but in no way sufficient to gain the knowledge required to secure a competitive position over the coming years. One weak point is the fact that comparisons are generally only conducted within the relevant organisational units (e.g. DSV, BVR).

It is not uncommon for comparative analyses known from traditional benchmarking that use the best examples from other industries to be rendered impossible due to a lack of data. A customised cost analysis that goes beyond the standard comparisons is therefore essential for the sustainable optimisation of material costs.

M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN develops roadmaps specifically tailored to its customers’ needs with clear earnings figures (savings amounts) on a documented timeline. As our motto states, realisation is all that matters, so we charge the customer only for successes achieved.

With almost 100 successful material costs projects, M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN’s methodology and effectiveness have helped it to gain a leading market position over the last 15 years. We would be delighted to show you why!