The past few years have seen company sales departments gain in momentum and receive considerable investment: customer-segment-specific means of support, developing services, establishing investment centres, restructuring branch networks, etc. All steps in the right direction, but what was the actual tangible success? Therefore, the sales goals for the next few years are:

  • Use existing sales capacities more intensively (sales intensification).
  • Sales investments must bring better returns (ROI sales investments).
  • Consistently fulfil promises in customer support through customer-orientated core processes.
  • Measure and track sales activities and services in detail (sales controlling).

Only those who face these challenges head-on will be able to maintain and expand a profitable customer base in the long term.

The key to profitable sales is to realise sales measures in a quantifiable and controllable fashion. Only that which has been measured can be quantified and will compel implementation in everyday sales activities.