Realisation matters

M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN considers itself a pioneer of realisation consulting. As our motto says, “Realisation Matters®”, which is why our consulting approach places realisation in the spotlight. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is realised solutions, not documented concepts.

Since July 2016 we are a proud unit of the TYSKE BRYGGEN Group. Since we both follow the same consulting approach, we will continue to offer sustainable and reliable consulting services to our customers while entering a path of growth.

All the forces in the word are not so powerful as a idea whose time has come

This quote from Victor-Marie Hugo in the 18th century remains as relevant as ever. As the “founders” of the concept of “active material cost management” and the “energy roadmap”, we have spent the last 15 years honouring this statement. Good ideas need time to mature; but without ideas, nothing will evolve. Which is why we see ourselves as a creative and driving force for our customers. And with more than 100 references from banks and savings banks, we can say with pride that we have got plenty of things right.