September 2020: The subsidiary even-IT GmbH is now 100% integrated into M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN and now offers its services via the range of services offered by M.W.BB.

July 2019: After TYSKE BRYGGEN was successfully integrated into Synpulse Deutschland GmbH Synpulse Germany in 2018,  M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN has also decided to take this step. All essential consulting services of M.W.BB will be offered under Synpulse Deutschland GmbH in the future. Based in Zurich, Synpulse is a globally active and highly successful partner consulting company for the financial services industry with around 500 employees. The successes and strong growth on the German market are also an excellent platform for the colleagues of M.W.BB to develop further. Customers are thus offered a significantly expanded range of services (e.g. in the field of process automation) in order to meet the upcoming transformation challenges.

July 2017: In the last few months, we have won a whole series of new projects, all of which follow the goal, to make banking operations more efficient based on the ongoing digital transformation and the increasing regulatory challenges. In the process, new customer groups such as building societies and private banks were opened up. The merger with TYSKE BRYGGEN now allows us to take advantage of the “Lean Financial Management” approach of M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN to provide our customers with access to this methodology.

July 2016: Since the 25th of July 2016 we are a unit of the TYSKE BRYGGEN group. Our profound experience in cost reduction programms and methods will extend the TYSKE BRYGGEN consulting services such as health care, industrial and financial services.

As a testimonial of sustainablity the partners Lars Sørstrøm and Marcus Weinrich will unaltered remain in charge of operations in both companies.

July 2015: After more than 14 successful years, the M.W.BB has decided to restructure its service and adapt to the changing needs of the market.

The “receivables management” is successively transferred to a new company which is founded by the former partner and managing director, Manfred Birkner. Both companies will sustain and extend their provision of services to exiting and new customers.

In return, the MWBB strengthened their commitment to their daughter en + c GmbH, around the topic of “energy efficiency”. Through a recent legal change in the EDL-G a large number of banks and savings banks are now challenged to increase “energy efficiency” of their company and to manage the further consumption of energy.

January 2015: The M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN is represented at the 7th meeting of the workout head of G27 saving banks with a discourse. Title: “Blocks of value-based loan processing”. You will find a set of issues of the discourse in the “Betriebswirtschaftlichen Blättern”.(Article BBL 01/15 – Ressourcenoptimierung steigert Ertrag).

November 2014: Recently M.W.BB acquired two new project customers with the focus on a sustainable reduction of their material and operational costs. By this M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN has confirmed and expanded it’s market-leading position in the german financial markets concerning a success-oriented project consultation with the intention of a significant and lasting material costs reduction. This will be underlined by the current press report you find attached (Article BBL 11/14 – Reines „Cost Cutting“ reicht nicht). In this report the successful approach to a sustainable and numerical efficient cost reduction project is applicable described.”

June 2014: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN discources about the risks of energy consumption and how this will affect the bank’s risk management at a conference for saving banks in Münster.

December 2013: In 2013, “Aus der Region – für die Region” (From the region – for the region) was the motto of the “M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN Stiftung für Bildung und Soziales” (Foundation for Education and Social Welfare) for supporting families with seriously ill children. Bunter-Kreis_2013

April 2013: At the Fourth International Conference for European Energy Managers in Nuremberg, M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN and en+c GmbH presented their “energy roadmap” based on the energy-related optimisation of a commercial property to the passive house standard.

April 2013: LzO: appointed to provide support in realising the optimisation proposals.

December 2012: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN has been getting involved in the region for many years, for example via its own “M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN Stiftung für Bildung und Soziales” (Foundation for Education and Social Welfare), and supports childcare places, arts and cultural education projects, music-based youth work and aftercare for seriously ill children and young people. Bunter Kreis 2012

April 2012: Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg mandated the company to analyse its legal and special-purpose loan departments, tied in with the preparation of optimisation proposals. Among other things, the analysis focused on examining process times and costs in detail.

March 2012: Launching of the subsidiary EN+C Energie- und Nachhaltigkeitsberatung GmbH located in Augsburg. The object of en+c is to define energetic positions by offering all kinds of necessary specialists in questions about energy and sustainability.

August 2011: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN and Meixner & Partner from Augsburg develop a common “Energetische Roadmap” that is focussed on sustainabilty-strategies of german banks.

July 2011: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN gets the german TÜV Certificate for auditing energy saving systems based on DIN EN ISO 19011 according to DIN EN 16001/ DIN ISO 50001

January 2011: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN wins more than 100 customers who trust in our experience and efficiency.

November 2010: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN is assigned to develop a energy based sustainability program for the central office of a regional bank<

October 2010: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN wins the tender “Optimizing vocality as a predictive dialing system” by www.pdc4u.com. The realization starts in Q 1 2011.

August 2010: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN and inexio KGaA (www.inexio.net) successfully take over several saving and loan Broadband networks on their NGN (New Generation Network). Therewith the customer will receive a safe network that complies with the requirements of the data processing center. Hoever it delivers service at an absolute competitive pricing.

February 2010: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN recieves the qualfication „European Energy Manager CCI“. Basing on this the M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN consultants and their partner Dipl.-Ing. Architect Otmar Sailer (Meixner/Pars) realize an energetic concept for a building of a south German bank.The concept follows the contemporary energetic and economical requirements.

December 2009: The Company Foundation “M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN Stiftung für Bildung und Soziales” is engaged in regional projects concerning youth and art education. Furthermore we support the city youth musical framework project. Augsburger Allgemeine 22. Dezember 2009

December 2009: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN recieves the regional award “service-champion 2009″ for a sustainable consulting service an a good company performance for years. Dienstleistungschampion 2009

October 2009: In cooperation with Saskiasoft Technologies – Bangalore (www.saskiasoft.com) , M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN GmbH has successfully developed two applications that increase the efficiency in bank administration. One is called M.W. BB Project and it is used for the internal administration of different projects. The other one M.W. BB Contract-Portal is focussed on the management of all maintenance contracts. Both applications will be offered to our customers in the beginning of 2010.

June 2009: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN organizes its first M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN Forum. This event is based on the idea to present what experts on economics, reserach and church will expect concerning the economic development for the future. You will realise that “action is the order of the day……”

December 2008: The business-year 2008 was very successful. Al three consulting-divisions were able to establish long-term customer relations. Next to the saving and loans, the cooperative banks we are engaged in serveral projects with hospitals, two “Landesbanken” and since the middle of 2008 also with the “Deutsche Postbank AG”.

August 2008: NORD/LB commissioned M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN to provide realisation support for the topics analysed ahead of time. Further services: managing the project to draw up a concept for and realise risk provisioning in accordance with IAS 39 in connection with multi-currency capability; setting up and establishing a risk provisioning administration team, providing support during the set-up of an audit-proof testing and approval procedure for an application requiring the greatest degree of protection using the HP QualityCenter application.

February 2008: Under the authority of a famous german church bank M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN implements the “Health Care Check” in a large hospital, which creates transparency in the procedures/ structures and its economic effects by working out a strengths/ weaknesses- and risk profile. This assessment profile for medical and nursing facilities completes the classic IRB and establishes the basis for working out further conceptions for optimization. A following common commercialization is in preparation.

October 2007: NORD/LB commissioned M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN to conduct a detailed analysis on the topic of “IT-optimisation in the field of special-purpose loan management”. The result was used to develop detailed concepts (including “Controlling and reporting”, “Optimized integration of ABIT legal”, “IT support for the reorganisation processes”).

July 2007: Nord/LB commissioned M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN to conduct a preliminary analysis on the topic of “IT-optimisation in the field of special-purpose loan management”.

March 2007: Together with our subsidiary even:IT, M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN received a large-scale order for reorganizing the decentralised IT structure of a FinanzIT Sparkasse.

March 2007: Extension of the activities in the field process optimization for hospitals and nursing facilities.

January 2007: Successful implementation of the subject of active Overhead Cost Management with further clients in the sector of energy supply.

October 2006: Foundation of our subsidiary even:IT for the field of decentralised IT at Financial Services Providers. even:IT will consult and support credit institutes regarding the optimization of the entire IT environment (decentralised IT and interfaces to centralised IT), including IT security, IT controlling and regulatory issues. This will help to recognise IT as an operational risk and manage it appropriately.

July 2006: M.W. BERGEN BRYGGEN Management Consultants GmbH was formed by the merger of MWB GmbH and BERGEN BRYGGEN Group GmbH on 7 July 2006 with its head office in Dusseldorf.

December 2005: Landesbank Berlin commissioned MWB GmbH to provide extensive support in the field of operating and settlement systems. This resulted in a range of individual project tasks such as coaching the administrator team on the ABIT application, supporting the implementation of the ABIT/SMS interface, realising conformity with IAS 39 as part of the risk provisioning processes, setting up a test concept and defining test cases for the ABIT application, supporting “Allbank migration”, etc.

June 2005: NORD/LB engages the MWB GmbH for the development of an extensive reporting for the bank’s debt settlement department and affiliated promoting institutes.

March 2005: Press article in the trade journal “Betriebswirtschaftliche Blätter” about the successful project work between the Bördesparkasse, a savings bank, and MWB.

December 2004: MWB receives large-scale orders for Overhead Cost Management from savings banks in the Saarland and Bavaria and from cooperative institutions.

May 2004: MWB and the BVR, the federal association of German cooperative banks, arrange a co-operation for developing a concept for optimised cash logistics. This involves a theoretical development under current regulatory and technical framework as well as testing the use of technical facilities for a simulation of process relevant parameters.

March 2004: MWB GmbH and BERGEN BRYGGEN Group GmbH from Dusseldorf arrange a strategic co-operation and offer a promising Merger Consulting for banks and savings banks.

February 2004: MWB GmbH and Voelker Consult combine forces and MWB is taking over Voelker Consult. Mr. Jörg Voelker has been known as an excellent consultant for Receivables and Recapitalisation Management to many savings banks and cooperative banks for years and will be supporting the team of MWB henceforth.

September 2003: Management Circle organizes an intensive workshop for Overhead Cost Management under the direction of MWB in Munich and Frankfurt.

January 2003: By order of the LzO (Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg), a regional savings bank, MWB conducts an extensive survey on the collection of process times, frequencies and costs for the legal department, settlement department and recapitalisation department.

March 2002: Besides the already existing co-operation for overhead cost management, MWB becomes a strategic partner of OSGV for the consultancy field Receivables Management. By order of the association, MWB conducts, amongst others, efficiency analyses on the subject of “Outsourcing Legal Cases”.

March 2001: MWB expands its consulting portfolio by the whole set of Receivables Management. This substantially includes organisation and strategy consulting for recapitalisation and debt-recovery departments or legal departments of credit institutes and other creditors with comparable large receivable amounts. The department will be headed by Mr. Manfred Birkner who is going to join the management and who will support the staff at MWB together with his team. Mr. Birkner has almost 20 years of experience in the field of Receivables Management from practical and consultancy work.

February 2001: Marcus Weinrich, manager of MWB, acquires all the shares in the company from CPU Softwarehouse AG. Mr. Weinrich will continue the division of Overhead Cost Management within the newly found company MWB GmbH, Augsburg.

March 2000: On the basis of the existing framework agreement with the OSGV, MWB concludes a contract with the Sparkasse Leipzig, the largest savings bank in East Germany, which includes a large-scale cost analysis.

February 2000: MWB receives its first order for an analysis and long-lasting reduction of overhead costs from a savings bank in Thuringia. The results of this analysis shall support the efforts of the association of savings banks in the states of Hesse and Thuringia (Sparkassen- und Giroverbandes Hessen-Thüringen) to expand the project “Triple E” by these aspects.

September 1999: Since September 1999, MWB GmbH has been a subsidiary of the listed company CPU Softwarehouse AG in Augsburg. CPU AG develops advanced solutions for the financial services sector and will develop and market the concept of an internet-based overhead cost analysis together with MWB. For this purpose, MWB will move into an office in Augsburg in March 2000, where the efforts in the segment of “Active Overhead Cost Management” will be centralised. Personnel consulting will still be controlled centrally from Meerbusch with the usual independence.

June 1999: MWB Control, a software system which presents you the development of your overhead costs in a comprehensible and transparent manner, is being developed at present by MWB in co-operation with a renowned software company in the financial services sector.

April 1999: MWB conducts a co-operation contract concerning the concept of “Active Overhead Cost Management” with every full member of the OSGV (Ostdeutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband), an association of savings banks in East Germany.

June 1998: MWB Business Planning & Management Consultancy mbH was founded in Meerbusch by Marcus Weinrich.