Energy Management

Environmental and energy management is becoming increasingly important for banks too. The German energy market and constantly rising government levies make it almost impossible to reliably calculate energy prices.

Customers often feel helplessly exposed to price developments and try to solve the problem by renegotiating with local suppliers. But they too are at the end of the supply chain and cannot make the concessions expected by the customer.

In addition to procurement prices, we also focus on energy consumption. For various reasons, energy saving projects must often be considered economically unfeasible in hindsight. Sound calculation bases are often lacking here.

We help you to master this balancing act and show you how to reduce consumption in an “economic” manner through the skilful deployment of environmentally friendly technology and energy-saving measures as well as demonstrating the procurement methods that will save you the most when purchasing energy. Ultimately, all of these factors result in a standardised energy management system (EnMS), without which the energy risk factor cannot be reasonably managed. Our specialist expertise is confirmed both by successful projects and by the European Energy Manager CCI and energy efficiency auditor certification awarded by TÜV.